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2022 Exhibition

with Reverse Auction art-sale on the opening night.
Price drop every 15min.

Start at £2,250

Come and buy when the price suits you...

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Contribution to a
joint exhibition of
Life Drawing studies, sketches and pastels

Running Deep Exhibition_Gunther.jpg


8 November – 4 December 2018

The Print House Gallery, Dalston


Solo exhibition


I paint how I feel. Not what I think,
not what I see, but what I naturally feel.
I discovered abstract expressionism as an intuitive way to dig deeper into my emotions and to be honest about how I truly feel.


I love colours and I love the aesthetic of shapes and structures. I began to paint raw emotions and through that, tell my personal story.



Solo Exhibition


I call my style Intuitive Expressionism, a careful, sensitive journey into myself, at the same time big, bold and intense, whatever my gut is telling me.


This show invites you to join me in my emotional microcosm. It is a chance to get to know me, but perhaps also, get to know yourself a bit better.

GuntherJancke_Truth and Emotion exhibiti



Partner Exhibition with Ben Wakeling


I spend time to embrace my emotions and imagine colours, shapes and structures. Whatever I can catch and capture, whatever is hidden, simmering or buried in myself, I let it come out through lines, streams, drops and squirts. From “Deep” to “Soul Searching” or “How We Are Wired”, my various embodiments of visible emotions, sometimes camouflaging, sometimes like grids, they all aim to capture my senses and your imaginations.

I call my style Intuitive Expressionism. I paint to connect with my “other” side. Joy, excitement, confusion or melancholy – through energetic synergies of colours, I keep exploring the depth of my feelings with all of their facets. Dozens of intimate manifestations of “me”. This show invites you to join the kaleidoscope of my emotional microcosm to perhaps uncover some of your hidden secrets.



St. Pauls, Covent Garden

Participation in a group exhibition of 20 international artists questioning the cause, nature, expression and results of aggression.

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