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Gunther was born in 1971 in East-Berlin, Germany.  When he moved to London in 2010 he took a shared studio at Stour Space in Hackney-Wick to explore how painting can help develop an emotional language.  Grown up using his cognitive skills, thinking a lot, being scientific, specific, and analytical, left little space to express feelings and emotions.  At the tail end of a decade of not painting at all, Gunther started to experiment with uncoordinated colours, wild lines, weird shapes, and broad strokes.  This has been his revelation and artistic breakthrough.

In 1988 Gunther was accepted as a fine-art-student at Dresden University of Visual Arts (HfBK).  However, with the German Unification a year later all plans changed and he trained as a carpenter instead, became a successful Community Organising and eventually moved to London.  

Gunther loves painting with liquid colours and loves the aesthetics of dynamic shapes.  His artwork mirrors the work of the Abstract Expressionists of the 20th century.  Gunther works with acrylic paint in dozens of layers meandering emotions, feelings in abstract blots, lines, spats and streaks.  Gunther has developed a style called “Intuitive Expressionism”, bringing his whole self to the canvas. He simply paints how he feels, personal reflections, passions, worries and concerns”.

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